Welcome to the Nassau Mineral Club

The purpose of our organization is to further and promote interest in all phases of geology, mineralogy, gemology, paleontology, and the lapidary arts. We bring together people with similar interests for mutual enjoyment and development.

The Nassau Mineral Club was founded about 70 years ago by employees of Sperry corporation who were interested in the study of mineralogy. The club was expanded to include non-Sperry employees and people interested in other fields of geology, such as preparing minerals for jewelry (lapidary).

Over the Years, an impressive array of machines and equipment has been purchased. Social bonds were formed, as members worked together to mount exhibitions, take field trips, lecture to school and adult audiences and share exciting specimen discoveries.

Today, the club has over 80 multi-talented members coming from all walks of life. The club meets on Saturdays to instruct one another on cabochon making, faceting, chain making, wire wrapping, silver work, beading, soldering, casting, wax carving, enameling and other techniques.

Our Lapidary Workshop is fully equipped to cut and polish rock slabs and cabochons, facet gems, make chains, cast in silver, enamel metals, as well as other processes.

The Nassau Mineral Club is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Contributions or Donations to the NMC can be made at any time. The NMC accepts donations of equipment used for lapidary, faceting, jewelry making, casting, or enameling. We occasionally receive donations by the bequest of members who have passed on. If your family who does not have the same excitement about this hobby as you, a bequest to the Club may satisfy your security that your collection will continue to be appreciated and cared for in the future. We will accept your contribution in any form and in any amount.

We are always looking for new members. We invite you to participate in our activities, share your knowledge, learn new techniques, suggest new activities, and experience the rewards of rockhounding and the lapidary arts.

Our motto is: "Each one, teach one"